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aMule 2.2.x or SVN for Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard Universal Binary
(Daemon, Remote GUI and Buildscripts Included)

Tiger/Leopard version compiled on OSX 10.5.7 Intel, XCode 3.1.2, MacPorts.

Official site:


Notes on file names:

DEBUG: both wxMac and aMule with DEBUG enabled and without any optimizations
aDEBUG: only aMule with DEBUG enabled (SVN builds with optimizations)

OSX10.4+: Universal Binary for Tiger and above
(wxMac/aMule/dependences compiled with 10.4 SDK and Apple gcc 4.0.1)
OSX10.5: Universal Binary for Leopard (and above)
(wxMac/aMule/dependences compiled with 10.5 SDK and Apple gcc 4.2.1)

FastG4+: Experimental! wxMac/aMule insanely optimized (G4-G5/Intel)
FastG5+: Experimental! wxMac/aMule insanely optimized (G5/Intel)

Build number N.

I removed GeoIP from file names: all my recently builds have GeoIP enabled, unless you see NOGeoIP.


Simply drag the aMule-2.2.x folder (or one of the applications inside it) to the Applications folder:
When you download aMule, you will end up with a aMule-2.2.x-...-OSX10.4+.dmg file.
Double-click to open this file. An icon will now appear on your Desktop, right beside your drive(s).
Open it and drag the aMule-2.2.x folder from the resulting window to the place where you want to install it.
Most often this is the directory Applications on your main harddrive.
If you see a request for authentication enter username and password of an administrator.

Inside the application you can find also:
cas, alcc, mulefileview and amuled in MacOS,
man pages in SharedSupport.

I included too: Remote GUI Tool for computing ed2k link from a file GUI aMule statistics

* Note about amuled *

if you want that amuled start amuleweb,
put its path in the PATH environment variable,
at example:

PATH="/Applications/$PATH" amuled -f

Otherwise you can add to .profile something like:

export PATH=/Applications/$PATH

so you can simply invoke amulecmd, amuled, ed2k, ...
and in Tiger[*] the relative man pages (man amuled).

*) In Leopard the AUTOPATH doesn't work,
so for man pages use the MANPATH variable:

export MANPATH=/Applications/$MANPATH